06 October 2007

Magician by Raymond E. Feist.

This is my all time favorite fantasy novel. It has all that you need. Magic, heroes, multiple worlds and great characters with feelings and background. I have read this book several times, I can't seem to resist going back and reading it again.

The book follows two boys, Pug and Thomas from their youth in a castle on the frontier and from there onwards several years. The book is exciting and will keep you up several nights. The plot and the world is very well thought through.
The number of books in the series will give evidence that this is a great read! You don't have to read the whole series, the Magician has an ending.

You will meet great magicians, elven warriors, an ancient dragon...

Don't just take my word for it, you can read other reviews here.

I wish you the best time reading this!

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