19 October 2009

Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn - update

The new Mitch Rapp book is now out, and has gotten some great reviews.
17 out of 21 reviewers give it 5 (max) at amazon and its #9 on the bestseller list!

"Flynn does it again--an excellent political thriller", Deborah Verlen
" Flynn's Best Yet ", Dan-thriller reader

The list goes on :-)

Check out the novel at Amazon, they are bound to have it at a discount

12 October 2009

Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn

Get the new Mitch Rapp novel at only $14.97

Follow Mitch Rapp in Vince Flynn's newest novel that looks to be a real page turner.

I couldn't find much about the book until i looked on Flynn's site. Here is some of the summary:

"The action begins six days after a series of explosions devastated Washington, D.C., targeting the National Counterterrorism Center and killing 185 people, including public officials and CIA employees.

It was a bizarre act of extreme violence that called for extreme measures on the part of elite counterterrorism operative Mitch Rapp and his trusted team member, Mike Nash. Now that the initial shock of the catastrophe is over, key Washington officials are up in arms over whether to make friends or foes of the agents who stepped between the enemy's bullets and countless American lives regardless of the legal consequences.


Meanwhile, three of the al Qaeda terrorists are still at large, and Rapp has been unofficially ordered to find them by any means necessary.


Once again, Rapp proves himself to be a hero unafraid "to walk the fine line between the moral high ground and violence" (The Salt Lake Tribune) for our country's safety, for the sake of freedom, for the pursuit of honor."

On wikipedia you can find some interviews under external links.

Get the new Mitch Rapp novel, only $14.97 It's allready at postition 12 on amazon's bestseller list and it's first releasted tomorrow.

06 October 2009

The Art of Manliness

This is a book I must have:The Art of Manliness

"What skills and knowledge should a 21st century man acquire? What traits should they develop? This book will have the answers. "

It gets 5/5 at amazon!

The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man would also be a great gift idea.

28 November 2008

New productive magazine

Read the very informative interview with David in Productive Magazine

The first issue is free, and you can download it here:

09 June 2008

New book by David Allen

I just saw this on davidco.com!!

A new book by Mr. Allen is announced.

Check it out here:

Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life

I can't wait!

15 April 2008

Review of The Black Magician' trioligy Trudi Canavan.

Since I posted last I had the joy of reading the 'The Black Magician' trilogy by Trudi Canavan. It was dearly recommended by a colleague from work. Fortunately he loaned me the books.

"Sonea has just discovered that she can work magic, but she has also accidentally injured one of the Magicians--the enforcers of the city Imardin. With the help of her friends and the assistance of the Thieves Guild, she will escape what she considers a fate worse than death--being inducted into the Magicians Guild"

Besides the Potter series I can hardly remember when I have read such a good fantasy story. The story manly follows Sonea, but also follow a couple of other supporting characters along the way. Trudi does this in fine stile. It doesn't break up the story, in fact it gives more perspective which in tern gives the story more depth.

The trilogy is The Magicians' Guild, The Novice and The High Lord.
Read other reviews and see what other readers say about the book

I can only give this series my warmest recommendations!