06 October 2007

GTD And coaching, continued.

Normally coaching will focus on the solution, and mostly I would agree.
If you have trouble getting started with a task you could ask yourself:
What do I need to focus on to get this task started, where could I seek help?

But sometimes it could help you to look at the cause... I.e. if there is a task that you are avoiding... Why am I avoiding it, is it something about the task I can't seem to grasp?
Is some of the people involved in the task, the reason why I'm avoiding it?
If you find the reason, that could help you to handle the problem, and make it easier for you to get on with your tasks.

Another good question would be:
How can I get on with it, how can I notice when this happens again?

This has helped me handle my 'trouble tasks' and not get stuck.

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