28 October 2007

GTD for 1 year

If found this article in which gtdfrk , explains what he have learned using gtd for a year.

I found it inspiring since applying gtd can be daunting for a newbie like me:

After consistently applying GTD for close to one year now, I can safely conclude that valuable and lasting productivity habits have formed in my life.

Like many other people, I have studied and used several productivity systems. I picked up various useful principles and techniques from them, but none of them seemed to fully apply to my life. As fun as it is playing around with various productivity systems and changing one for the other occasionally, I was looking for concrete and lasting results. Sounds familiar?

About one year ago when I encountered GTD and started applying it to my life, I immediately noticed how easily it could be adapted to my life. It didn’t take months to get started, it didn’t need difficult or expensive tools and most of all it just made sense! GTD is easy to integrate into your personal as well as your professional life. All of this makes it easier to apply it consistently and you start to see results almost immediately.

Check out the rest here at his blog.

22 October 2007

Found this toon on www.blaugh.com, it really describes what I go through sometimes, when thinking of something to blog.

Think before you blog :O)

Think Before You Blog

06 October 2007

Magician by Raymond E. Feist.

This is my all time favorite fantasy novel. It has all that you need. Magic, heroes, multiple worlds and great characters with feelings and background. I have read this book several times, I can't seem to resist going back and reading it again.

The book follows two boys, Pug and Thomas from their youth in a castle on the frontier and from there onwards several years. The book is exciting and will keep you up several nights. The plot and the world is very well thought through.
The number of books in the series will give evidence that this is a great read! You don't have to read the whole series, the Magician has an ending.

You will meet great magicians, elven warriors, an ancient dragon...

Don't just take my word for it, you can read other reviews here.

I wish you the best time reading this!

GTD And coaching, continued.

Normally coaching will focus on the solution, and mostly I would agree.
If you have trouble getting started with a task you could ask yourself:
What do I need to focus on to get this task started, where could I seek help?

But sometimes it could help you to look at the cause... I.e. if there is a task that you are avoiding... Why am I avoiding it, is it something about the task I can't seem to grasp?
Is some of the people involved in the task, the reason why I'm avoiding it?
If you find the reason, that could help you to handle the problem, and make it easier for you to get on with your tasks.

Another good question would be:
How can I get on with it, how can I notice when this happens again?

This has helped me handle my 'trouble tasks' and not get stuck.

Best regards,