28 September 2007

Getting Things Done (GTD) and coaching.

GTD has really help me allot both personally and professionally so I was thinking about how I could add value to GTD and help others.

For some time now I have been studying coaching and I think allot of what I have learned can be combined with GTD to make it easier to get started with GTD and in general help people be even more productive.

Sometimes I get a feeling that even though I am doing tasks from my lists, there is a task that I am avoiding. If you notice a similar situation you could ask yourself these questions:
- Do I need more information before I can get on with this task, and where could I get it (online, co-workers, documentation)?
- What about the task/project gives me the feeling of uncertainty?
- What is the goal/end result of the task/project?

Sometimes I find that simple doubt about how to go about the project is holding me back, then it helps having defined the first (or several) next action steps. Because when I just throw myself at the first action, the next actions keeps flowing naturally and before I know it I'm done. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is getting started.

When you need to collect stuff and have your lists with you, you should either carry a PDA, a notebook or PocketMod. This will enable you to look at your list and your calendar where ever you are and collect thoughts about your projects.

Pocketmod is a little 8-page notebook that you can design on the homepage and then print and fold. (go to pocketmod.com)

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