25 September 2007

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Do you feel that you have more projects running at work than you can handle?
Do you forget projects where you have been waiting for someone else to get back to you?
Having trouble saying no to new task and drowning small and big projects?

Unless your have the privilege of working with one and only one thing at the time and is never disturbed by phone calls or your colleagues you simply NEED this book.

It has seriously reduced the amount of stress I have at work and at home and I can only give it my highest recommendations!!! Not only do I feel less stress, I know what I am working on, and can with a good conscience tell my boss or colleagues if I don't have time for a new small task unless it's OK that I either park current projects or delegate some of my work.

The system in Getting Things Done (GTD) is easy to learn and implement, and if you work with it and give it a little time, it could save you! It will take a little extra work to start with but very soon you will see the fruit of the seed you have planted. David Allen has a great sense of humor and the book is enjoyable to read. Its written for you and me in plain English, not filled with buss-words to fill the pages.
You can use the system whoever you are and what you do no matter if you are a manager, programmer or professional house keeper. All you need is some folders, a labeler and some in trays. If you have a PDA or a laptop, that would work very well also.
There is a reason that it is one of the top-selling books on Amazon. It works.

A good peace of advise for you: always carry a small notebook, like a Moleskine notebook, and something to write with. (A PDA would work as well, of course ) When you remember something you need to do, or get some inspiration about one of your projects, you can write it and save it. Your brain is more likely to give you great ideas if it knows that you can save them somewhere.

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