15 April 2008

Review of The Black Magician' trioligy Trudi Canavan.

Since I posted last I had the joy of reading the 'The Black Magician' trilogy by Trudi Canavan. It was dearly recommended by a colleague from work. Fortunately he loaned me the books.

"Sonea has just discovered that she can work magic, but she has also accidentally injured one of the Magicians--the enforcers of the city Imardin. With the help of her friends and the assistance of the Thieves Guild, she will escape what she considers a fate worse than death--being inducted into the Magicians Guild"

Besides the Potter series I can hardly remember when I have read such a good fantasy story. The story manly follows Sonea, but also follow a couple of other supporting characters along the way. Trudi does this in fine stile. It doesn't break up the story, in fact it gives more perspective which in tern gives the story more depth.

The trilogy is The Magicians' Guild, The Novice and The High Lord.
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I can only give this series my warmest recommendations!

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